2mm, 3ply Rope

   Our 2mm, 3ply rope is flexible and soft on your hands, which makes it easy to work with. This size is small to show even the most intricate details of your work.


 These are the highest quality up cycled cotton cords on the market, made from cut offs from the fashion industry in Europe. To get the colours for the cords the fibre isn't dyed, instead similar colour garments are broken down and then spun to create these beautiful cords. With this manufacturing process the water usage is reduced by half, as well as the C02 emissions.


 Please note: Due to the popularity of these cords, they can sell out quickly. Colour shades may vary from one batch to another because of the recycled cotton characteristics. 

Composition: 100% recycled cotton.                                                                         Length: 146 meters / 479 feet.                                                                                                 Size: 2mm.                                                                                                                     Weight: 500g. +/-  5%.                                                                                                Crafts: macrame, crochet, weaving, jewelry making, warring rainbows, keychains, fibre sculptures, various arts and crafts. 



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